What Is VR Kingdom?

VR Kingdom is the premier virtual reality (VR) destination in Sydney for free roam, multiplayer, location based  VR experiences. All our games and experiences are the highest quality with some of the best, award winning VR escape rooms in the world.

All games are free roam, which means players are not tethered to a cable allowing them to move around freely. Our games are also multiplayer, so you can share the experience with your friends with 1 – 4 players per game or experience. VR Kingdom and can accommodate up to 44 players per hour. Session times range from 15 to 44 minutes, depending on the game.

VR Kingdom has the exclusive license for Sydney for Ubisoft’s, the Escape of the Lost Pyramid (Assassins Creed Origins) and Huxley, which are both award-winning games.


Where Are You Located?

Our venue will be located at 418 Gardeners Rd Rosebery NSW 2018. We are not open yet but please follow our social media accounts or register here to be notified of our launch date.


What Are Your Operating Hours/ Sessions Times?

Monday:         Closed

Tuesday:         12PM to 10pm

Wednesday:   12PM to 10pm

Thursday:        12 PM to 10pm

Friday:              10am to 12pm

Saturday:         10am to 12pm

Sunday:            10am to 10pm

How Can I Get There?

Driving: We are located about 4.9 KM from central station. There is free street parking nearby.

Public Transport: The closest station is Mascot, which is only a 17 minute walk (1.3km). The other station is Greensquare, which is 24 minutes walk (1.9km). Or take a 15-20 minute bus ride from Central station. (Bus No: 343, 309)


What Experiences Do We Offer At VR Kingdom?

We are currently offering multiplayer, free roam VR escape room adventures as well as multiplayer, free roam VR shooting games. Some of our games and experiences have 4D effects such as wind, heat and smell in addition to vibrating floor and haptic vests.


What I Can I Expect At VR Kingdom?

As far as the games are concerned, they are high quality VR experiences that are immersive, free roam, multi-player and location based, which means that you need to come to one of our locations to play them.

For more information please go to our What To Expect page


How Long Does The Experience Go For?

The duration of our games and experiences all vary from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. Your game and experience may last up to one hour, which includes game time, check-in, photo opportunity, debrief session, putting the gear on and off. Please note that as most of our sessions require bookings, especially during busy times, if you are late or one of your friends or team members causes delays, it may eat into your game time. Therefore please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your session time so that you have enough time to check in, use the bathroom if necessary and put your personal belongings in storage so that you, your friends and team members get the most of your experience.


What is a VR Escape Room?

A Virtual Reality (VR) Escape Room is where you and your team members of 2-4 people are ‘locked” in a virtual room where you need work together to find the clues, and/or solve the puzzles to escape the virtual room, within a given time limit. It is completely safe and is a very fun and challenging experience. You are not actually locked in anywhere and are able to walk and move around freely in the designated game space.


What is Free Roam VR?

Free Roam VR allows players to walk around inside a virtual world, just as you would in the real world. Older VR systems require users to be attached to a cable, or stay in a fixed spot without the flexibility of being able to walk around. All of VR Kingdoms escape room experiences are Free Roam and most are also wireless meaning you just wear the VR headset and use its accessories. One of our escape rooms, and all of our shooting games require players to wear the VR headset and a backpack that has a laptop inside.


How many people can play at once?

Our experiences are generally for 2-4 players. If you want to book an individual ticket, let us know and one of our team can play with you if there are no other players booked for that session.

If you are a group larger than 4, as we have multiple experiences and arenas, we can accommodate a total of up to 4 people per session and up to 44 people per hour, depending on the game or experience. 


Do I need to have experience with VR or video games?

No, you do not need to have any experience with VR or video games. Our team will give you a briefing before you start the experience and they will be there the whole time if you need anything.

What are the age requirements?

For the Multiplayer VR Escape Rooms and Shooting games the minimum age is 12 years old. For our single player games the minimum age is 6 years old. Players under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver form for them. Without a completed waiver form, anyone under 18 will not be able to participate in any games and experiences.


What are the minimum height requirements?

We do not have a minimum height requirement. All players should be capable of carrying the equipment. For our shooting games and one of our escape rooms, players will need to wear a backpack that has a laptop in it. 

Can I wear my prescription glasses?

As all glasses are different shapes and sizes, it is best not to wear your glasses so that they do not get damaged or damage the headset. We recommend that you wear contact lenses if you have them. For players without glasses or contact lenses, all of our headsets have individual adjustment lenses for each eye so that players can adjust the focus of the headsets but this will not completely compensate for glasses or contact lenses if you need them.


Can I wear my hearing aid?

During your game or experience, you will be wearing either external headphones or headphones that are on the VR headset. If you have an in-ear hearing aid, this might be ok but if you have an external hearing aid, this may not fit under the headphones.

Who can or can’t play?

Whilst we try to accommodate everyone, free roam VR is not suitable for everyone.

For safety reasons anyone with the following medical conditions will not be able to play so as to ensure their own safety and the safety of others:

  • People with reduced mobility, or that are physically handicapped (You need to be able to walk around unassisted for up to 1 hour, while wearing a headset and for some experiences, wearing a backpack. You will also need full use of both hands and legs)
  • Epilepsy or any similar disorders
  • Deaf

It is also not recommended that people with the following medical conditions play our experiences but please consult your doctor before making a booking

  • Claustrophobia
  • Heart conditions
  • Pregnant
  • Motion sickness

Players under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to play and may be refused entry to the venue.They will also not be entitled to receive a refund or credit.


What sizes do you have?

Our equipment can generally accommodate all sizes, however if you are concerned about your size, please contact us before making a booking.


Is VR dangerous?

No, VR is very safe. As long as you listen to instructions and obey the rules of participating in the game or experience, it is safe.


Is there any chance of dizziness or motion sickness?

Some of the other technology and operators out there do not have the latest technology and/or equipment. The high latency or frame rate and/or poor or old technology systems is what causes dizziness or motion sickness. All of VR Kingdoms’ technology and equipment is the latest and of very high quality, which result in a zero to very low latency. Our equipment is also of the highest quality. Most of our VR escape rooms use the HTC Vive with wireless adaptors. One other escape room and all our shooting games use the HP Z VR Backpack so the likelihood that motion sickness occurs is rather low. However if you are sensitive to motive sickness please be aware that there may be some discomfort. Our game master is always there to help you and answer any of your questions.

What I do not feel comfortable during the experience?

If you do not feel comfortable or want to stop the experience for whatever reason, you just need to tell your game master and they will pull you out of the game.


How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for our VR experience can vary but generally is around $77 for a 45 minute game time and total of 60 minute experience. The additional time above the game time is for briefing, donning of equipment, photos and debrief after the game.


How can I book tickets?

Go to our online booking page here. Once you have completed the booking, you will receive a confirmation email.


Can I book by phone?

No, all of our bookings for multiplayer games need to done online. If you have a group booking, corporate event or special occasion, please contact us and we will help you make the booking, We may even throw something in for your special occasion. 


Can I make a group booking?

Yes, you can make group booking. Please contact us if you want to make a group booking for multiple players or multiple sessions.  


Are there any group discounts or promotions available?

Yes, we have monthly promotions, specials and packages so please check our website or follow us on social media for current offers. For group booking promotions, complete the group booking form and we will get back to you.


Do you have any student discounts?

We we do run promotions for students from time to time. Please check our website or follow us on social media for special promotions. If you have a specific request for a group booking or event for students, please complete our group booking form and we will be in touch to organise your booking. 


Can I book only one ticket per person?

Yes you can book one ticket for one person, You are also able to book tickets for other people in the same booking, however as our games and experiences are run for 4 people per arena, you may be joined with another group of people if you book for under 4 people. If so for some reason, there are no other people during the session you have booked, one of our team will jump in with you as you need at least 2 people for our VR escape rooms. Our VR shooting games can be played by 1-4 players. If you want the game or experience exclusively for you and your friends or family then you will need to book all 4 spots.

Can I buy tickets when I get there?

Yes you can but if you show up without a booking, you will not be guaranteed a spot as most people book online before coming to our venue. So as to avoid disappointment it is advisable that you book before coming to the venue especially for evening or weekend bookings as these are the busiest times. If you still want to come to the venue before you book, you are welcome to do so but booking a session will be subject to availability. If you choose to do this, you will still need to book and pay online through our booking system but you will be able to use our tablets or computer at the venue if necessary. 


I didn’t receive my confirmation email?

If you haven’t received a confirmation email, please email us at bookings@vrkingdom.com.au with your name, email address and details of your booking. 


What payments methods are accepted?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, WeChat Pay, Alipay and gift vouchers.  


What is your exchange, rescheduling, cancellation and refund policy?

To exchange from one game or experience to another and or reschedule your booking, please contact us at least 2 week before the scheduled booking and we will make the change, subject to availability. You can only exchange or reschedule once. We have a strict no refund and cancellation policy.


Can we hire your venue for a private booking or event?

Yes you can hire our venue for group bookings, birthday parties, corporate events and special occasions. Please contact us for further details.


What packages do you offer for corporate events or large group bookings?

We have a range of packages for group bookings, birthday parties, corporate events and special occasions. Please contact us for further details.


What packages do you offer for birthdays and special events?

We have a range of packages available but we can also customise a package for your specific requirements. Please contact us for further details.


Can I take photos?

Yes absolutely, we encourage you to take photos and share them with your friends and family. We also have a green screen so that you can take photos which can be adapted to images of our games and experiences.


What time should we arrive?

You should arrive at the venue at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled booking for check in and orientation.

What happens if I am late?

As we run back-to-back sessions we cannot start a session late as it will cause the next session to run behind schedule. If it is possible, we can try to enter you into your scheduled session but this cannot be guaranteed. Make sure you come on time! Otherwise you may need to wait while we try to fit you in a later sessions* but this is not guaranteed, especially on evenings and weekends which are the busiest times. You should arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled session. (*Subject to availability and at the sole discretion of management)


What do I need to bring?

Please bring a copy of your confirmation email. If you have the email on your phone that is sufficient. As some of the games have a minimum age requirement a proof of age card may be requested so it is best to bring your identification. If you are under 18 years old, you will need your parent or guardian to sign a waiver form for you and you will need to bring it with you. 

You do not need to bring anything else.

What should I wear?

Our experiences involve movement and activity so please ensure you are wearing comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear, that means no high heels or shoes that do not enable you to move comfortably and quickly. If you are playing our VR shooting games, you will be wearing a backpack so please ensure that you are wearing clothes that are suitable to wear a backpack over.


Do you have lockers or a safe space to store my belongings?

Yes we have lockable lockers or boxes in your game area that only you and your team members can access so you can store your personal belongings in them.


Is there somewhere for my friends or family to wait if they don't participate?

Yes, we have tables and chairs in our cafe area where people can sit and enjoy a coffee, tea or have something to eat.


I have fear of heights, is this experience for me?

Your feet will always touch the floor but your brain might think otherwise. Our experience can be challenging for people with strong fear of heights! But is also amazingly rewarding when you go through!

VR makes me sick. Is it for me?

Relax! A common trigger for motion sickness comes from bad performance or low frame rate, our games are premium games built by industry leaders and they have accounted this while designing the games. So the likelihood that Motion Sickness occurs is rather low e.g. suffering from severe travel sickness, please be aware that there may be some discomfort. Our game master is always there to help you and answer any of your questions.

I am not a gamer, is this experience for me?

Yes, definitely. You do not need to be a gamer or a computer expert. Our VR experience is intuitive and made for everyone, from 12 to 70. Our games has different themes but are mainly focused on cooperation between players.

Is the escape game good for Team Building?

You cannot escape alone! You have to work together. The key to success is to talk, listen and collaborate and of course High Five when you are done!

Is the game tracking data?

Yes, the developer is tracking game sessions data (for example at what time a game starts, how long it takes to resolve each stage…). The data tracked is never linked to any specific user. We do not have any user information.

What happens if we are not able to solve the riddles?

Our game master is there to help you and give you hints. All puzzles are solvable and have had their feasibility proven. Nonetheless our puzzles are challenging. If you don’t solve the puzzles in time, we will show you why you failed the mission if desired.

Can something happen to me?

During the VR-Adventure you are accompanied by an experienced game master. That is why you have a contact person around you all the time. At the beginning you receive a short introduction and tutorial for our virtual area and VR equipment.

What do I need to consider if I wear spectacles?

If you are wearing spectacles, you can keep them, as long as they fit under the VR glasses. This is the case with most spectacle frames without drop shaped glasses. Alternatively contact lenses are recommended. People with light visual impairment do not need their own glasses. High heels and pinned-up hairstyles are not recommended!

Is there anything else I need to take into account?

Updos and high heels are not recommended!

How do I move?

The entire game you can move freely on an area of approximately 15 square meters. You can walk, bend or turn. By wearing the HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter, you are not tied to a cable. In your hands, you hold two controllers that you use to solve the puzzles.

Is it possible to play VR Games with physical limitations?

This depends on the kind of limitation and to a certain extent on the specific game in question. If you have any concerns please contact us before booking. 

What time is Huxley set in?

It starts in the alternative future of the year 3007. The players eventually travel back in time to the year 2050.


What is the atmospheric theme of the game?

Earth itself is a barren wasteland. The players traverse industrial ruins and eventually travel into the futuristic space of a robots head.


What is the objective of the game?

Saving the future of humanity by changing the past.

What do the players have to do in the game?

The players must follow a message from earth to reanimate a forgotten robot who sends them back in time to stop his own creation.


How difficult is the game?

HUXLEY includes many puzzles and challenges in varying forms while the timer is constantly ticking down. With the help of the game master most groups finish the game. Take the challenge and see if you can finish the game without the help of the game master.


Is there an age recommendation?

The German Institution USK has recommended HUXLEY from age 6 and upwards. VR itself is recommended for slightly higher ages.


What advice can you give to players?

Communicate with your group, coordinate and try things out. Scan your surroundings for hints and objects. Only as a team can you save humanity.


Can you lose the game?

Yes. Players will be teleported back to their space station when they run out of oxygen (time).


What Time Is HUXLEY 2 Set In?

The year is 1872 in an alternative history of earth.


What Is The Atmospheric Theme Of The Game?

Huxley 2 is an adventurous journey, in homage to stories by Jules Verne, with many Steampunk elements.


What Is The Objective Of The Game?

To find a source of infinite energy which will save humanity.

What Do The Players Have To Do In The Game?

The players must travel far and wide to obtain the pieces of the energy source, solving riddles in mysterious places to uncover these ancient artifacts.


How Difficult Is The Game?

It tends to be on the easy side, but it is variable at one point so fast player groups will encounter an additional puzzle to test their mettle.


What Are The Main Differences Between HUXLEY And HUXLEY 2?

The world of HUXLEY 2 is brighter, friendlier, and much more alive.
HUXLEY 2 offers an interactive travel guide who leads the players through the adventure.

Is There An Age Recommendation?

We do not have an official recommendation yet.

What Advice Can You Give To Players?

Work as coordinated team and tackle the challenges with an adventurous spirit but don’t forget to take in the scenery. You could even relax and sniff the flowers. Always listen to Huxley, he has some great advice behind his attitude.


Why Is There No Timer?

This VR travel adventure is a new experience for the visitors to enjoy. One big feedback we received for HUXLEY was that players would have liked to explore more of the scenery, the timer makes them feel like they’re in a hurry. HUXLEY 2 guides the players through the game without them being worried by not knowing how much is left to come.


Can You Lose The Game?

No. The game ends with a cliffhanger that we want people to see so they know the full story.


Why Do Movie Projectors Already Exist In The Game?

Motion pictures were discovered around 1878. Being a genius and all that, our professor was a little ahead of the curve of course.