How Can VR Improve Learning And Education?

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Education has been evolving in this era of digital devices. Schools and educators are now focused on how to make the transfer of knowledge more interactive. Students learn from experience

Differences Between Tethered and Untethered VR

Tethered and Untethered VR

One of the first thing you’ll need to decide when choosing a virtual reality is the differences between tethered and untethered VR. To help you decide on this, visit VR Kingdom now.

Virtual Reality at VR Kingdom Sydney

virtual reality experience

Virtual Reality at VR Kingdom Sydney provides social VR adventures designed to appeal to a wide audience, from kids to grown-ups with different mind-blowing games. Contact us now!

What is Free Roam VR?

Virtual Reality

Come and visit the VR Kingdom. We are a Free Roam VR with a fully-customized training arena designed to your spec with realistic graphics and audio. interact with real-life props in a simulated world.

Safe Night

Safe Night

Travel through time to 2041 with VR Kingdom’s Safe Nights. Explore a world that has been in ruins after a nuclear wall and find safety. Suitable for 17+

Dagger of Time

Dagger Of Time

A VR Kingdom Sydney set in the world of Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time. Experience the realm of the impossible as you slow, stop and even rewind time! Book Now!

Huxley II

Huxley II

Get ready for a VR adventure game experience like never before. VR Kingdom is the only place you can play Huxley II in Sydney. Book your Huxley ll VR experience today!

Jungle Quest

Jungle Quest

Solve a series of puzzles and explore the world of flying islands in the immersive, multiplayer VR Escape Room: Jungle Quest. Play Jungle Quest at VR Kingdom Sydney!

ARVI Arena

Arvi Arena

Arena is a dynamic and immersive multiplayer shooter with sci-fi elements. The rich variety of maps and weapons will excite every fan of action games. Prove yourself as a fearless gladiator of



Take your shooting skills to the next level with VR Kingdom Sydney. Introducing SHMOOTER: a 4 player PVP game with full-body tracking.