A breathtaking adventure Huxley

An epic Sci-Fi adventure, you will be transported to a new world where everything you need to succeed is within your team: the adrenaline rush, the challenger spirit and a burning desire to win. Do you have what it takes to solve this puzzle and save the world? Well, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!





Game Time

44 mins

Game Type

Escape Room

Game Theme





Huxley is played with using the HTC Vive Pro 2.0 with a wireless adaptor. This means that you are not stuck to cable and can walk around freely, without having to have laptop backpack on.

Our technology

VR Kingdom Escape Room uses the latest wireless technology HTC Vive Pro. By using wireless technology, the player is allowed to move around the arena without any backpack or tied to the cable, enhancing the free roaming experience.

1. wireless technology:

By using HTC wireless technology, we have enhanced the free roaming experience and added immersion, allowing players to move freely within the area without being pushed down by laptop backpacks. This is especially important for our escape rooms because they can last up to an hour, which is a long time to wear a laptop backpack.

2. Free roam:

VR allows players to walk around in a virtual world, just like wearing an HTC Vive professional headset in the real world.