VRK Giving Back

VR Kingdom is working on a solution to enable people, especially teenagers and young adults suffering from diseases or going through other difficulties to come to VR Kingdom and play our games and experiences for free. We have days set aside for families, hospitals, centres and communities and will work with organisations by providing our facilities free of charge so that these participants can get a day out and play our games and experiences. All expenses including transport, food etc. will be covered by VR Kingdom.

VR Kingdom has a policy of donating a portion of profits to supporting charitable and humanitarian projects in addition to supporting organizations worldwide to ease the suffering of the poor and needy.

As such VR Kingdom supports the following organisations by donating a percentage of profits to worthy charities and causes. 

Compassion Child Sponsorship

Opportunity International Microfinance

Many Rivers Microenterprise

If you would like to nominate a cause that you would like VR Kingdom to support or provide its facilities free of charge to, please contact us and let us know