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Irene Z
Irene Z
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We had a birthday party at the VR Kingdom today, and my vote is five star! Excellent service helping our 10-year-olds with their helmets, navigation and all the questions throughout the games. The girls had a blast and loved the experience. It is very clean, and all Covid rules have been followed. Last but not the least, they helped and took photos during the games which were promptly sent to us tonight. Great experience and excellent service.
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I took my daughter and 3 friends to play some of the games at VR kingdom this morning. I cannot say enough good things about our experience.
From my initial contact, the staff were incredibly helpful and courteous; they actually really helped me establish which games would be the most suitable in terms of skill and interest, and very thoroughly answered all of my questions about covid related concerns (in short: hygiene practices are very good).
There is a staff member present in the room while the game is being played-they help guide players when they need help, or if they get have an issue with their equipment, and they were extremely patient with a bunch of very excited, shrieking twelve-year-olds as well as being discreet when they had to speed the game along if the players were stuck. I have to say, the staff here really contributed to the positive experience of the games.
As for the games themselves, they really are an immersive "reality" experience. Players can choose their avatars and costumes. They have to work as a team and figure out problems together and guide each other when someone is stuck. It is absolutely hilarious to watch them in an unadorned room leap about in excitement or fright as the headset experience is so real and the games were exciting, beautiful and engaging.
Michael Grey
Michael Grey
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VR Kingdom is truly an amazing team building opportunity. I work with a great team of millennial's and Generation Z staff who really came together during Covid 19 to move the business forward and work constructively with me to pivot into Online Events. I arranged a team outing to VR Kingdom as a reward for their hard work and not only does VR Kingdom provide employers like me the opportunity to help further improve team cohesion, but they do it in a fun way and the entire team had a great time. I couldn't more highly recommend their services to the business community.


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