The third part of a VR franchise is enjoyed by millions. It’s 0000011111100101 Space Era. Revolver is the only kind of weapon allowed to be carried by citizens. Gun manufacturers demo their products by allowing gunslingers to upload themselves into robotic bodies and participate in a futuristic Wild West story. 

You now have the privilege of joining this blood-lusty crowd. Features: – Very simple controls. – Move like there is no tomorrow! Duck, jump and hide to get the upper hand. – Multiplayer deathmatch mode. – Short, action-packed matches in different levels. – 2 to 4 players inside a match. – Four characters to choose from: Agent, Sheriff, Voodoo, and Ninja. Every character has his own unique weapon, reload animations, and shooting style. – Three distinct battle arenas: the Graveyard, Wild Forest, and Zero Gravity.

VR Shooting

For Ages 12+

2- 4 Players

Player Vs Player

30 Minutes

From $49


Escape the Lost Pyramid – Assassins Creed Origins is played with the HTC Vive Pro 2.0 with a wireless adaptor. This means that you are not stuck to a cable in one spot and can walk around freely, without having to wear a laptop backpack.

VR Kingdom Escape Rooms use the HTC Vive Pro with wireless adaptors which are the latest in VR wireless technology for multiplayer, free roam games. This enables the player to move around freely in the area, which adds to the immersive experience which is what VR is all about!

This is especially important with our VR escape rooms as the games can last for more than an hour, so wearing a backpack for that period of time can get tiring.