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To experience Virtual Reality (VR) you need to wear a VR headset. The VR headset is connected to a computer which plays the VR game or experience. When the headset is connected by a cable to the computer, this is considered to be tethered VR.

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There are also different types of tethered VR. You can be tethered to a desktop computer where you are fixed in one spot and cannot move around beyond the length of the cable

You can also be tethered to a backpack that contains a laptop. This allows to walk around freely within the designated space without being limited to the length of a cord. This enables a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

best VR experience Sydney
best VR experience Sydney

You can also have wireless VR that does not require a cable connection to a desktop or laptop. This still requires a computer, however an adaptor is fitted onto the headset and connects to the computer via the wireless adaptor, not by a cable. This enables you to walk around freely without being connected to a computer by a cable or having to wear a backpack laptop.

At VR Kingdom, we do not use tethered VR to a fixed computer as we believe that the restricted movement reduces the immersive experience which is what VR is all about. 

We have VR escape rooms that use wireless adaptors and we have VR shooting games that use a VR backpack, both of these are considered to be Free Roam VR experiences. For more about Free Roam VR, you can visit our blog here.

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