Hello Explorer

Welcome to VR Kingdom. Get ready for an exciting adventure with our amazing VR games and experiences! Here is some information that will help you with your visit to VR Kingdom and what to expect during your experience with us.

For those of you that are really new to VR, VR stands for Virtual Reality. You wear a VR headset and you are taken into a virtual world, which is fully immersive, creating an illusion of reality (hence the name) . Well actually it is your reality while you are wearing the headset but will you able to recognise that it is not really real, or you will your eyes and brain convince you that what is happening is real??? You will only  find the answer to this question by taking the adventure!

Most of our games are multiplayer which means that you can also share the experience with your friends, making  this an even more enjoyable and memorable experience. You and your friends will be in the virtual world together, where you need to work together as a team to solve the puzzles of the escape rooms, or work together to fight off an attack of zombies or sci-fi robots in our shooting games.

All our games are free roam, this means the you will not be tethered to a cable or have to sit in a chair but will be able to walk and move around freely within the designated game space. This adds to creating the illusion of reality and allowing interaction with each other. For our escape rooms we use the HTC Vive Pro with a wireless adaptor which means you do not need to have a backpack on while on your adventure.

Our shooting games are played in arena style platform that has 4D effects such as wind, heat, smell, and vibrating floors that are so life like, it will leave you guessing if it was real or not. For these games you will need to wear a backpack but it is still free roam so you can walk and move around freely. You will also wear a haptic vest that vibrates when you are attacked. The 4D effects and haptics add to the immersion and ensure a unique and memorable experience. One of our escape rooms is also played on this platform so you will also have 4D effects in this escape room. For this platform we use the HP Z VR Backpack.

Each of our games and experiences enables 1-4 people to play at a time. So for our escape rooms we can accommodate up to 12 people per hour and for our shooting games, we can accommodate between between 16-48 people per hour, depending on the game. Our  games and experiences are best when enjoyed with friends, enabling a shared experience that will leave you talking about it and hopefully raving to your other friends that didn’t get to share the experience so make sure you get a photo with your friends and team members.

Most of our games are suitable for ages 12+. We have some single player games that are suitable for ages 6+ and some of these can be played as multiplayer games so please check our single player game pages for more information on these. These games also use the HTC Vive Pro with wireless adaptor so you do not need to wear a backpack for these games.


Before you arrive

For this experience to be memorable, please dress for the adventure. For safety, don’t wear long skirts or flared pants as these type of clothing can get in the way. Avoid wearing your hair in a bun as it can get in the way of the headset. If you wear glasses, due to the differing shapes and sizes, it is best not to use them with the headset so if you have contact lenses please wear them. And please note we have a strict no alcohol and drugs policy.


When you Arrive

When you arrive at VR Kingdom, one of our friendly team members will help you check in and guide you to complete the mandatory waiver form/s that need to be completed as part of your registration before you can participate in any games and experience.


Sit Back And Relax

After you have checked in and completed the registration and waiver forms, you can wait in our cafe, sit back, relax and have something to eat or drink while we get your game ready. You can also use this time as an opportunity to use the toilets. Even though our virtual world is lifelike and realistic, if you do happen to find a toilet in there you can’t use it as it is only virtual, remember? Please don’t forget this as it will slightly embarrassing if you try to use the virtual toilet while everyone else is watching.



Once your game is ready and your sessions time comes up, you will be guided by our team to put any personal belongings you may have in our secure lockers or storage area while you are enjoying your game or experience. Remember, as all glasses are different shapes and sizes, it is best not to wear your glasses so that they do not get damaged or damage the headset. You will then be directed to your game area.


VR Gear

Once at your game area, one of awesome VR Kingdom team members will give you a quick briefing and then help you put on your VR gear. You will then be guided into your designated game area.


Enjoy The Experience

The duration of our games and experiences all vary. Your game and experience may last up to one hour, which includes game time, check-in, photo opportunity, debrief session, putting the gear on and off. Please note that as most of our sessions require bookings, especially during busy times, if you are late or one of your friends or team members causes delays, it may eat into your game time. Therefore please ensure that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your session time so that you have enough time to check in, use the bathroom if necessary and put your personal belongings in storage so that you, your friends and team members get the most of your experience.


Take a photo

We encourage you to take photos and share them with your friends and family. We also have a green screen so that you can take photos that can be adapted to background images of your particular game or experience. If you need any help with this, please ask your host or one of our friendly team members and they will be more than happy to help you.

Some ground rules to make it fun for everyone

Our Technology

VR Kingdom Escape Rooms use the latest HTC Vive Pro wireless technology, which is the latest technology available for free roam VR escape rooms. By using wireless technology, the free roam experience is enhanced by allowing players to move around the arena freely without any backpacks or being tethered to a cable.


By using the HTC wireless technology we enhance the free roam experience and add to the immersion allowing players to move around the area freely without being weighed down by a laptop backpack. This is especially important for our escape rooms as they can be up to an hour experience so it can be a long time to be wearing a laptop backpack.


VR allows players to walk around inside a virtual world, just as you would in the real world by wearing the HTC Vive pro headset.