Arena is a dynamic and immersive multiplayer shooter with sci-fi elements. The rich variety of maps and weapons will excite every fan of action games. Prove yourself as a fearless gladiator of the modern world. Gather in teams and recall all the game tactics you know to conquer your enemies within VR.

Use teleport features and explore the area to get bonus items. Only the most skilled players will make it through the game and get a victory. You can be one of them. Become the last survivor in the futuristic virtual battle!

VR Shooting

For Ages 10+

2-8 Players

Player Vs Player

30 Minutes

From $49


VR Kingdom Shooting games use some of the latest technology in free roam, multiplayer VR. Arena uses the HTC Vive Pro with wireless adaptors, eliminating the need for backpacks, while still enabling the free roam experience, which is enhanced by allowing players to move around the arena freely without being tethered to a cable. The more a player is able to walk around, the more immersive the VR experience becomes and being able to freely move around also significantly reduces the probability of getting motion sickness or feeling dizzy.