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VR Kingdom - Best VR Experience Sydney

Why VR Kingdom has the Best Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences in Sydney?

VR Kingdom has award-winning VR escape rooms which are not only immersive and engaging but are also unique and fun. No other VR venue in Sydney has award-winning VR escape rooms so this alone makes them some of the best VR experiences in Sydney. On top of that, all of our games and experiences are free roam and multiplayer. 

Free roam means that you can walk around freely, just as you would in the real world. Most of the other VR experiences in Sydney are tethered which means that you are connected by a cable and therefore restricted in movement so when you take a step that moves your head too far away from the cable connection, your head gets jerked back which causes a break in the immersion and takes away from the experience. Immersion is one of the most important elements of VR experiences. Some of the other VR experiences in Sydney are also seated which means that you cannot either walk around or stand in the game so movement in the virtual world can only be done by moving your hands, this is very early stage VR technology and nowhere near the best VR experience in Sydney.

VR Kingdom - Best Virtual Reality Experience in Sydney

Multiplayer means you can enjoy this VR experience with your friends, family and teammates. Whilst there are some other VR experiences that enable you to share them with others, and you may be able to see them in the virtual world, you cannot interact with them directly. Some require you to be in different rooms while tethered to a cable, but you cannot interact and engage with each other as you would in the real world. VR Kingdoms games and experiences enable you to be in the same physical room with your friends and teammates as well as in the virtual room. You can also pass items or objects to each other when standing nearby, which is sometimes required as part of the experience.

Some of our games and experiences require you to directly work with each other to solve the puzzles of the escape rooms or fight of a hoard of zombies in the shooting games. If you do get attacked by zombies, your teammates can heal you by touching your shoulder which adds to the immersion and experience. It also adds to the fun of doing a VR experience with others as it builds a sense of camaraderie and makes for a more memorable experience.

Besides being award-winning, free roam and multiplayer, VR Kingdoms games and experiences are very high quality on all levels, story line, engagement, immersion and graphics. We also have some of the latest technology for free roam, multiplayer, location-based entertainment which adds to the experience. By having high quality game content and high-quality hardware, this prevents the dizzy feeling some people get from VR which is mainly caused by high latency due to low quality graphics, content and hardware.

At the time of writing and as far as we know, VR Kingdom Sydney is the only VR venue that offers award winning, free roam, multiplayer VR Escape Rooms which is why VR Kingdom truly has the Best VR Experiences in Sydney.