Island Assault


Fight against your friends in either “everyone for themselves” or in a “team vs team” mode in our 6 player PVP shooting game Island Assault. 

Join the war between humans and robots in this death-match arena. The game is set across 2 buildings with 3 levels each. Players can use a portal to move between buildings or use elevators to go up and down different floors to sneak up behind your opponents and outsmart them. No shooting game is complete without a rocket launcher…….but you have to find it first.

With a full-body avatar, haptic vests and high-quality graphics this game takes VR PVP shooting games to a whole other level.

Game Type Age Players Theme Duration Difficulty
VR Shooting
2 to 6
30 mins


Island Assault uses some of the latest technology in free roam, multiplayer VR. By using backpacks, the free roam experience is enhanced by allowing players to move around the arena freely without being tethered to a cable or having to sit in one spot. 

The more a player can walk around, the more immersive the VR experience becomes and being able to freely move around also significantly reduces the probability of getting motion sickness or feeling dizzy.

We also use HTC Vive Pro headset and trackers which are special sensors to track the players that enables a full body avatar to be visible in the game.

We also use haptic vests that special effects like physical vibration when being shot which further enhances the VR experience. 

We also have the option of using standalone headsets such as Oculus Quest 2, which is also wireless and allows players to roam freely without the need to wear the backpacks that can be heavy for some of the younger or smaller sized players. 

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