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What Are the 3 Types of Virtual Reality

The idea of experiencing a three-dimensional environment isn’t new to most of us, as movies like Ready Player One, Tron Legacy, or The Matrix have successfully plunged us into a virtual world that looks and feels so real from our perspective! Today, VR offers more advanced and varied types of virtual reality experiences, one of which can be experienced in the gaming world by using free roam VR. In fact, there are more advanced types of 3 types of virtual reality simulations used today.

Types of Virtual Reality

3 Types of Virtual Reality Simulations Used Today

Let us look into the three types of virtual reality to get a grasp on the different kind of experience they bring to the users.

1. Non-Immersive Virtual Reality

It is a type of virtual reality where you use a computer to control the activities within the experience. Video games like Warcraft and Dota are some examples of non-immersive VR experiences.

In these games, you rely on a computer display, game console, keyboard, controller, and mouse. Your interaction in the virtual environment is an indirect one, as you do not experience the sense of being actually in it, and the platform does not fully block your field of view.

2. Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality

Semi-immersive VR keeps you connected to your physical surroundings while immersing you in a virtual environment. It means that you can walk around in a virtual environment using a computer screen or VR glasses, but there are no physical sensations to enhance the experience.

It is widely utilized for training purposes, such as pilot training, in which real control panels are used, but powerful computers with high resolution screens are used to simulate real-world design and functionality.

3. Fully Immersive Virtual Reality

Of the three types of virtual reality, fully immersive simulations give you the most realistic virtual experience as it gives you a complete perception of existing in another world, it’s as if everything happening to you is real. To experience and interact with fully-immersive virtual reality, you need special equipment like body connectors with sense detectors, helmets, gloves, and proper VR headsets and glasses.

This type of VR has been widely adapted for gaming, where players are positioned in a room, equipped with the needed equipment to experience the virtual world. During the game, they can freely move their bodies and arms and use them to participate in the game and control their avatar, not just from a third-person perspective, but they will see and touch things as if they are in the game themselves.

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