Free Roam Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game in Sydney!

Free roam VR

Next is Free Roam Virtual Reality which is considered to be the latest in VR technology for location based entertainment. With free roam VR, you can walk around freely just like you would in the real world, without being limited by being stuck to a cable. There are 2 options for free roam VR, one is with a VR backpack and the other is with a wireless adaptor.

Free roam VR is considered to be the ultimate and latest technology for location based VR entertainment. This is because you are not limited by space or movement and can walk around and move freely that adds to the immersion which is what makes the VR experience seem so real.

This is a preferred option for many people as they do not need to wear a backpack, which some people find becomes to get heavy after wearing it for long periods. As such you only need to wear the VR headset with the wireless adaptor, and use the hand controllers. This option is best for longer games and adds to the immersive experience. However, there is a limitation in that you can only have 3 players in a single area when using the wireless adaptors which is why VR Kingdom still uses the backpacks for some of its games due to the area required for these games. The VR Escape Rooms at VR Kingdom all use the HTC Vive Pro headsets with wireless adaptors.

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